IES Radio #83: Real Estate Rockstar Bill Powers on Rent to Own Portfolio Building into the Millions!

PART 1 of the REAL ESTATE ROCKSTAR SERIES will feature BILL POWERS of RTO Properties.

Bill Powers is a Lake County, IL based investor and also on the Executive Board of the Lake County Property Investors Association.

-225 Rental Properties in his Portfolio
-40 Fix and Flips Completed
-9 Flips CURRENTLY in Process
-7 Rentals CURRENTLY in Process
-Rent to Own Strategies
-Managing Contractors and Costs
-Finding Opportunities in this market

Bill is a REAL ESTATE ROCKSTAR who’s FAN-CLUB you need to JOIN RIGHT AWAY if you want to HEAR more about bringing your Real Estate Investment Business to the NEXT LEVEL in 2018!!!

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IES Radio #82: The 5 Min Friday “THE JV DEAL”

JV means Joint Venture.

A Joint Venture deal is basically another way for saying “1 Time Partnership” or “1 Deal Partnership” specific to a transaction or property or group of properties.

Not a business like an LLC, but 2 separate individuals or entities coming together to consummate a successful deal or transaction.

On Today’s 5 Min Friday we cover the Points of Success to a Working a JV Deal…

  • Do YOUR Homework in Advance (Markets/Comps/ARVs)
  • Know Your S%&* or Know Someone Who Does
  • Utilize Existing Relationships to Create Success (External Business Partners i.e. Brokers, Lenders, Appraisers, Inspectors
  • Don’t Re-invent the Wheel-Use Bread and Butter, keep the Jelly to the side
  • Make Sure the Numbers Work!
  • Fill the Void Your JV Partner Needs

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IES Radio #81: Serial Entrepreneur Damion Lupo on The Mission to Free 1 Million People and Become a Billionaire!!

Today’s Guest Damion Lupo is a serial entrepreneur who’s mission to free you from your financial shackles will change your though process!

Damion Lupo is the founder of Total Control Financial, an alternative investment platform devoted to disrupting the typical IRA model and offering investment opportunities that give control to the individual and take out of the hands of Wall Street.

He is no stranger to business development with 40 businesses under his belt. Damion has gained and lost and regained his fortune multiple times, and leveraged his experience into an 8 figure real estate investment business. Today he helps fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to do that as well.

From a College Bookstore owner out of his dorm room to a multimillionaire in his early 20’s owning a portfolio he personally grew to 150 houses before the crash… And then a MAJOR reset on his outlook in life, business, values, and mission for existence.

Today’s powerful show will knock the socks off your real estate investor mind on multiple levels as we discuss:

Another episode you CAN NOT Miss from the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show!!!

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IES Radio #80: 5 MIN FRIDAY- Keep It Simple Stupid!!!

Whether you’re just started out or have been in business, today’s 5 Min Friday focuses on the KISS Method “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

No need to over-complicate the simple by purchasing expensive software programs, book keeping systems, etc etc when perhaps just a pen and paper or an Excel Spreadsheet will do the trick to get started.

Today’s message is about crawling before you walk, and wading in the water before diving, as you can ALWAYS complicate the situation if needed.

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On Today’s 5 Minute Friday–

We dig into the current state of the market from my investor brain perspective and what you need to look out for and gain from and how to do it.

To Sheriff Sale or NOT to Sheriff Sale… Listen in for what’s really going on at our Judicial Sale and Auction locations in Chicago.

Be safe, Be Careful… and Most Importantly, Don’t be Stupid!

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