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The Investor Empowerment Series podcast, hosted by Get Reinvested’s own Joe Mueller doesn’t hold back on the realities of real estate investing. Learn best (and worst) practices from the people who are doing this stuff day in and day out.

IES Radio #80: 5 MIN FRIDAY- Keep It Simple Stupid!!!

Whether you’re just started out or have been in business, today’s 5 Min Friday focuses on the KISS Method “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

No need to over-complicate the simple by purchasing expensive software programs, book keeping systems, etc etc when perhaps just a pen and paper or an Excel Spreadsheet will do the trick to get started.

Today’s message is about crawling before you walk, and wading in the water before diving, as you can ALWAYS complicate the situation if needed.

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IES Radio #79: The OFF-MARKET CASH DEAL Contract!!!

This is a LIVE presentation from the 2/27/18 Meetup where we dissect the ACTUAL OFF-MARKET PROPERTY CASH DEAL CONTRACT WE USE in ALL OUR Property Acquisitions!!!

Here is the Link to the Contract:

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Awesome Episode– Volume may need to be turned up!

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