JV means Joint Venture.

A Joint Venture deal is basically another way for saying “1 Time Partnership” or “1 Deal Partnership” specific to a transaction or property or group of properties.

Not a business like an LLC, but 2 separate individuals or entities coming together to consummate a successful deal or transaction.

On Today’s 5 Min Friday we cover the Points of Success to a Working a JV Deal…

  • Do YOUR Homework in Advance (Markets/Comps/ARVs)
  • Know Your S%&* or Know Someone Who Does
  • Utilize Existing Relationships to Create Success (External Business Partners i.e. Brokers, Lenders, Appraisers, Inspectors
  • Don’t Re-invent the Wheel-Use Bread and Butter, keep the Jelly to the side
  • Make Sure the Numbers Work!
  • Fill the Void Your JV Partner Needs

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