What is House-Hacking?  Essentially it’s purchasing a multi-unit property as an owner occupant and renting out the additional units OR buying a property with the intent to flip it, moving in and renovating it yourself…

Today’s episode of the Investor Empowerment Series Radio Show is ALL about acquiring your FIRST investment property with ALMOST no money out of pocket…

Sounds a bit goofy doesn’t it?  Like a late night info-mercial maybe?

Well folks, this is the real deal, and the program we talk about that makes this opportunity possible is available in IL, but guess what, there are similar programs available all over the US, if you know who to talk to…

Our guest on the show today is Chris Davis.  Chris is an investor, flipper, real estate broker, and 3 time podcast guest on our show.

He’s achieved in 4 years what some investors hope to do in a lifetime.

Point to hit home– Anything is possible… Put your mind to it, surround yourself with the right people, and get out there and hustle and your dream can be yours.

If you’re interested in more information on the opportunities we discuss today either in Illinois or anywhere in the country please contact me directly at Joe@tanisgroupllc.com for more information!!!

Invest On People!

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Company page: www.tanisgroupllc.com


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