personalized investment training

We don’t believe that every real estate investor is the same. So we developed this survey to figure out your real estate investor type.

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Learn your Real Estate Investor Type

Want A Preview of The Assessment Questions?

Investment objective(s)
(Please state your objectives for real estate investing. For example, retirement income, saving for children’s college, extra income, full time income, asset portfolio diversification, etc.)
Presently held real estate assets
(List any real estate holdings you presently have, including your personal residence. If you have NONE, list NONE. That is ok. We will help you obtain your first property.)
Method(s) used to acquire these assets
(If you own property, how was it acquired? For example, purchased through a Realtor, bought at auction, purchased from wholesaler, inheritance, etc.)
Available funds to invest
(List any sources of funds which you have access that can be used for investing. For example, savings, 401k, home equity, lines of credit, brokerage accounts, etc. If NONE put NONE. That is ok. There may be options for you.)

Access to other sources of funding
(List any other financial sources available to you. For example, a rich uncle, commercial line of credit, established relationship with a hard money lender, partner, etc.)
Current investment strategy/philosophy
(List any type of business plan you have that is relevant to the current market, investment return requirements, property acquisition/disposition strategies and your view of what makes a good investment. If you do not have any strategy/philosophy, that is ok. We can help you formulate a plan and achievable goals.)

Annual income
(State your income so we have an idea of what you can purchase.)
Credit score status
(State your credit score if known. Guess if you are not sure. Credit scores will determine the level of access you have to various lending sources.)
Time availability to commit to real estate activities
(Your available time is a major component in determining the type of real estate appropriate for you. For example, it is difficult to manage a complete distressed property renovation when you work at a job for 75 hours a week and have family activities on weekends. Some investors do best acquiring “turnkey” investments that are already renovated, tenant occupied and producing some level of positive cash flow. List what you can realistically allocate in terms of time for real estate investing )
Construction skills or connections to skilled trade people
(If you have trade skills or know good trade workers it allows you the ability to assess costs of renovations which is necessary in determining an appropriate price for a real estate purchase. If you can do some renovation work yourself or have helpful qualified friends/partners, your options for better returns is greatly enhanced. List your abilities and helpful resources. If you have no skills or handy friends, that is ok. We will deal with it.)
Knowledge of market in desired investing area
(It is essential that you know the market where you choose to make investments. You must have knowledge of prices, price trends, rent trends and community attributes and potential or no potential. You cannot make a good investment decision without this knowledge. List the towns or areas you feel you know in detail and can spot a deal on the spot. If you do not have any market knowledge, that is ok. We will provide education to give you market knowledge if you are truly serious about making investments.)

Willingness to consider alternative markets
(Many investors are struggling to obtain properties in various areas due to rising prices, intense competition from other investors and limited inventory. List other markets you have been considering or if you have any willingness to explore other markets.)
Involvement with other real estate brokerages and/or real estate schools/clubs
(List any real estate brokers with whom you have done business or are presently using for property sales or purchases and any real estate clubs, Meet-ups, organizations or training programs you have used or are presently involved.)
Negative real estate experiences
(Most experienced investors have had investments that did not produce the anticipated results. This is normal when making investments including the stock market. Many homeowners made mistakes by over paying during the real estate bubble and lost their home through foreclosure or have negative equity. List any experience that may have had negative consequences to you.)
Team roster/partners
(Every investor needs a reliable team of partners to assure all aspects of their investments are handled legally and properly. Your team roster can and should include lawyers, home inspectors, contractors, tax advisors, loan officers, Realtors, etc. List any experts you like to use. If you do not have any of the needed service partners, that is ok. We can provide them.)
Expected date to commence investment search
(There is no better time to invest than the present. Waiting or dreaming does not build assets. List when you would like to get started with your investment search. If you need to get some financial issues resolved before being able to invest, list when you will start this process.)
Expectations from broker that will be handling investment strategy
(TANIS Group Realty would like you to consider using our brokerage for many of your real estate deals and participating in our education/networking events. Note: other than an occasional small cover charge for catering, we never charge for our educational programs, events or advice. List any special expectations you have for using our brokers in sourcing, selling or managing your properties and advancing your investment objectives.)